Verified Affiliates

VxV Management hosts an assortment of individuals and business that have distinguished themselves by their skill, professionality, work history, and trust worthiness when operating. VxV Management has a STRICT criteria for who we consider to be "Verified" by us to be professionals and experienced. The process for application review takes between two and four weeks with steps including interviews and vetting of the individual(s) and/or businesses looking to become verified by the company. Verified Affiliates gain the pleasures of direct contact with upper management of the company, invites to VxV Company Brunches, and business affiliation at a higher level, including the access to portions of this site that others may not enter. So much comes with being a Verified Affiliate and is advantageous in every way. Verified Affiliates are the first individuals or businesses we pitch to our clients. If you would like to be considered and your application reviewed, please fill out the Verified Affiliate Application. 

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